about us


Le Seuil de l’Estrie’s mission is to offer services to men experiencing difficulties with their intimate partners and to provide services to people who have violence and abuse issues with their entourage. The service is addressed foremost to men, but also to any other person: women, teenagers or children experiencing, according to the case, a violence or abuse issue within their intimate partner relationship, the family setting or with their entourage. This service is offered in the form of individual assistance as well as for couples and families. Le Seuil has also got the mandate to offer information services (offered directly to the clientele or to other members of organizations and institutions). The extent of its mission is regional and thus covers the entire Townships territory.

It should be noted that Le Seuil works in collaboration with the organizations and institutions in its area (CLSC,  Eastern Townships Youth Protection Centers, the hospital and the Sherbrooke Detention Centre).


Le Seuil de l’Estrie has a basic principle which is to respect  the user in regard to his or her values, lifestyle, ethnic origin, socio-economic status, academy level, sexual orientation, etc. We also believe that any individual can basically learn how to change, as long as the person shows the motivation and acquires the necessary tools to do so.


Le Seuil de l’Estrie’s goalis to offer services centered on the clientele’s needs by carrying out  therapeutic treatment with an aim at helping people develop various skills and/or of carrying out in-depth therapy by way of helping to understand one’s psycho-dynamics. Thus, Le Seuil wishes to come in assistance to it’s most vulnerable clientele while enabling them to develop a better knowledge of themselves in addition to helping them to become better equipped to face their difficulties