During the 80’s

While the number of women’s shelters kept increasing, there was still no organization having been given the mission forreceiving men with violence and abuse issues. The importance to create a specific resource to assist male adult clients became essential. In light of this, Mr. Jean Lippé founded in Sherbrooke, in 1983, the organization known asLe Seuil de  l’Estrie.

The name of the organization means : « allow yourself to open the door partway in order to cross the threshold to see what happens once inside».This non-profit-making community agency became the second center in Quebec in receiving the mandate to offer  assistance services for men in difficulty at the emotional and relational levels, without severe mental health issues. Thereafter, Le Seuil expandedits mandate to work with men with violence and abuse issues.

During the 90’s

Terms of agreement with the Eastern Townships Youth Protection Services came to effect, so that Le Seuil also works with teenagers. In addition to the individual services for adults (men and women) the other forms of support include services for teenagers, children, couples and families.

During years 2000

At the beginning, the approach was especially Humanist.  Listening and giving advice was often the case because the recommendation was to create a therapeutic bond with those who were consulting.  Today, due to our intervener’s training (Psychologists, Social Workers and Sexologists), various approaches were added and thus have widened the scope of our interventions.