During the 1980’s

As the number of care centres for women continued to grow, there was no organization with the mission of taking on men with relationship issues. The importance of creating a support service specifically catering to an adult male client base became essential. In this spirit, Jean Lippé founded the Le Seuil de l’Estrie organization in Sherbrooke, in 1983.

The name of the organization means: “Allow yourself to crack open the door and cross the threshold to see what is going on behind it.”

This community organization became the second centre in Quebec with the mission to provide a support service for men with relationship issues on the emotional and interpersonal level, but without problems relating to severe mental illness. Subsequently, Le Seuil expanded its mission to include men with problems of violence.

During the 1990’s

A service agreement is in effect with the Centre Jeunesse de l’Estrie which allows Le Seuil to also welcome adolescents. In addition to providing individual services for adults (men and women), Le Seuil de l’Estrie provides services for adolescents, and services for couples.


The initial approach was mostly humanistic since it advocated listening, providing support, and creating a therapeutic connection. These being the basic elements of our approach, Le Seuil hopes to continue in this sense enabling its client base to develop a better understanding of themselves while also providing support to be better equipped when facing their issues.