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• Do you shout at your partner, or say hurtful or demeaning words to them? You may realize you adopt an attitude designed to intimidate, threaten, or force someone to submit to your will;

• Do you go as far as hitting them, convincing yourself your actions are justified, and that they deserve such treatment?

• You notice that your partner and children are afraid of you and have lost their trust in you;

• Have you come to the conclusion that the situation can’t get any worse, that you are risking losing it all if you continue in your desire for total control? You cannot hide from it any longer.

At Seuil de l’Estrie, we know that it is difficult to admit to having a problem of violence towards those close to us.

Many people have a tendency to justify their violence and place the blame on others.

Often closed off, uncomfortable in their own skin, and dissatisfied with themselves, they blame those around them, and lead them into heightened tension and insecurity.

The majority have feelings of shame and guilt that undermine their self-esteem and, at times, bring them into a deeper and deeper state of distress.

They would prefer to avoid or escape reality. Time does not always heal all wounds…

Here are a few questions that may develop your portrait of violence. Do you recognize yourself? If so, we can help.Contact us at 819-821-2420..