Need help?

Do you sometimes shout, say words that hurt and put your spouse down?

Do you realize that you adopt attitudes aiming to intimidate, threaten or force her to subject herself to your will ?

Do you hit her by telling yourself that your behavior is justified and that she deserved what she got ?

Do you notice that your spouse and your children are afraid of you and have lost confidence in you ?

Do you realize that the situation can only worsen and that you are likely to lose it all if you continue to want to control everything ? You cannot hide any more.

At Le Seuil de l’Estrie, we know that it is difficult to admit that you might have abuse issues towards your close ones.

Many people tend to justify their violence and blame others.

Often withdrawn, uneasy with who they are and dissatisfied with themselves, they «attack» members of their environment and involve them in an escalation of tension and insecurity.

Most feel ashamed and guilty which undermines their self-esteem and sometimes keeps them in a state of distress that increases over time.

One would like to be able to avoid or flee reality. Sadly, time does not always fix things…