Our Mission

Le Seuil de l’Estrie has the following mission:

Phase 1: Helping MEN with couple relationship problems (including or not including violent behaviour).

Phase 2: Helping MEN, WOMEN and ADOLESCENTS in individual or couples counselling for problems relating to the management of anger or violent behaviour (in couples or within their social circle).

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« Conjugal violence is composed of physical, verbal, psychological, and sexual aggression, as well as
dominating control of finances. It is not the result
of a loss of control; on the contrary, it constitutes a means chosen to dominate and assert power over another person.
It may be experienced at any age of life within a marital, extramarital, or loving relationship. »

(Government of Quebec, 1995, p. 23)
Since the adoption of this definition by the Government of Quebec in 1995, it has become the official definition of the government concerning matters of conjugal violence.