Do you recognize yourself?

• Do your spouse and children fear you and have they lost confidence in you ?

• Do you shout or put downothersin your environment ?

• Do you adopt attitudes aiming to intimidate, threaten or force people to subject themselves to your will ?

• Do you physically hurt others by saying to yourself that it is justified and they deserve it ?

• Are you likely to lose everything if you continue to want to control everything and everyone ?

• Are you tired of hiding ?

• Are you indifferent to others ?

• Do you decide for others ?

• Do you put others down?

• Do you blame others ?

• Do you control her budget ?

• Are you unaware of her needs ?

• Do you control her social network ?

• Are you controlling, angry or impatient ?

Here some questions which could help you identify your self-portrait. Do you recognize yourself? If so, we can help you. Contact us.