Do you recognize yourself?

• Are your partner and children afraid of you, and have they lost trust in you?

• Do you shout at or demean the people around you?

• Do you take on attitudes that are meant to intimidate, threaten, or force people to submit to your will?

• Do you reach a point of hitting someone while convincing yourself it is justified and that they were asking for it?

• Are you at risk of losing it all if you continue with your need to control everything?

• Have you had enough of the hiding?

• Are you indifferent to others?

• Do you make decisions for others?

• Do you demean others?

• Do you place blame on others?

• Do you control other people’s finances?

• Do you ignore other people’s needs?

• Do you control other people’s social network?

• Are you controlling, angry, or impatient?

Here are a few questions that may develop your portrait of violence. Do you recognize yourself? If so, we can help you.
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